Our Artistic Director, Tom Hurley, is a freelance acting coach, working with actors in the development of roles for production, preparation for auditions and ongoing skills reinforcement.  While he takes an individual approach to the needs of each actor, he has trained specifically in coaching acting through the Movement Psychology methodology (under Tim Robins and Vladimir Mirodan) and Chubbuck Technique (under Ivana Chubbuck).

Often in South Wales and London, Tom is also available for Skype sessions, though initially an in-person coaching session is preferred.  Enquiries as to availability and rates can be made to tom@axontheatre.com



REBECCA BAILEY is a London-based actress (http://www.spotlight.com/0018-1209-1262).  We worked together on a short play about dementia, where she played an imaginary character – the young woman inside an elderly dementia sufferer.

“Tom Hurley is a thoughtful, supportive director who nurtures an actors ideas and melds them with his own to create a truthful and innovative performance. I enjoyed working with him immensely and would love to do so again.”


CLARA WONG is a New York based actress (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5202772). Since meeting in NYC in 2014, we have had a number of Skype sessions, usually for audition prep.  Our sessions have resulted in roles for Clara on NBC, HBO, Showtime & TBS.

“Tom helped me to work through the wants of the character and how she might react to what was happening, resulting in a funnier way of seeing the scene I hadn’t seen on my own before. In working with him, he has helped me refine my choices smartly and Socratically, asking questions that open my eyes to a new aspect of the work. His direction allows me to explore in a safe zone and I love working with him!”


SAM CLARK is a London-based actor (http://www.spotlight.com/interactive/cv/1/M138332.html).  We have worked together on a number of projects over the past 8 years.

“Tom has bold and precise ideas when it comes to working. His clarity of thought means he can offer suggestions for character, scenes or very particular notes on a particular moment with gentle precision. I have worked with Tom on many projects and he has experience with diverse styles of performing with a thorough approach to techniques and developing skills. I have always enjoyed working with him and appreciate his openness and generosity when it comes to direction.”


EMILY JANE KERR is a London-based actress (http://www.spotlight.com/8602-9080-8713).  We worked together on a production that required multi-role playing in the West End in 2012.

“Tom is great as he has acting training so he understands it from both sides. He really helped me understand and create a physical language for each of the characters I was playing. It’s so important to completely embody a character and that’s something Tom excels at getting actors to do, because it’s something he really understands.”