BEING NORWEGIAN – Edinburgh Fringe – Gilded Balloon Teviot – August 2016


Review, Fringe Guru

**** – “Subtly directed by Peter Scott and performed with heart by two impressively engaging actors, Axon Theatre’s production does full justice to Greig’s seemingly simple but multi-layered script.”

Review, One4review

**** – “This short (45 minutes) one-act play is a thoughtful, funny and moving discourse on isolation and the facades we choose to present to the world around us and this strong production deserves a wide audience…  if you want some quality theatre at midnight you won’t do any better than this excellent show.”

Review, The New Current

**** – “The delicate touch that director Peter Scott producers is achingly beautiful to watch and Bennington and Hurley show how these two loneliness and conflicted, sad but reluctantly willing characters try to unburden themselves from their damaged pasts…  Greig’s text is masterfully realised by a company who have wonderfully connected to his insightful and contemporary narrative.”

Review, Edinburgh49

*** – “Tom Hurley is a gem as the awkward and terribly British Sean, hopping between mental distress and crises of politeness with surprising ease…  this is a production wrought from the heart”

BEING NORWEGIAN – Cardiff Fringe Theatre Festival – June 2016


Review, Young Critics Wales

**** – “Tom Hurley, playing Sean showed a loveable adorable character with a dark past. The chemistry between him and Lisa, played by Sarah Bennington was captivating…  Overall this was an intensely gripping story that was brilliant from the start. It was well directed and acted. I can’t wait to see what Axon Theatre company have next for us.”

Review, Arts Scene in Wales

“Tom Hurley plays Sean’s wide eyed benevolence through to his, equally wide-eyed, intensity brilliantly. His awkward portrayal was both endearing and suspect, whilst being timed to comedic perfection. Sarah Bennington was fantastic as Lisa. She knew exactly how to react off Sean’s slippery front, and performed her ‘Norwegian’ idiosyncrasies wonderfully.”