Volcano Theatre

Reinvigorating the arts scene in Swansea, with their bold theatrical ideas and incredible support for the local community and emerging artists/companies.


Flossy and Boo

A thrilling comedy-clown-duo, based in South Wales, who recently completed a wildly successful run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Bedlam Venue, 2015).


Whistlestop Theatre

A London-based theatre company filled with an insane group of completely lovable creatives.  Whistlestop produce wild and frantic shows that really stick in your memory.


3 Crate Productions

Nadia and Tom met while working with 3 Crate in 2015 and we hope to continue our creative work with this fantastic emerging company.  A passionate, proactive and instinctive approach to theatre.


Brass Works Theatre

A stunning new venue on the outskirts of Bristol, producing provocative work, led by Artistic Director Adrian Harris.


All The Pigs

Big supporters of new writing and creators of visceral and striking theatre productions.